Saturday, 20 October 2007

New release and update

Introducing my latest design 'Marguerite'. I am particularly pleased with this design. It was inspired by a geometric pattern that I created as a cross stitch Eid card for a friend. I liked the shape and wanted to see what could be achieved with it using hardanger and other speciality stitches. Added glitter is achieved by the use of Mill Hill Beads. The design is 8"x8" and uses 5 colours in addition to the beads. I hope to have the chart available for sale in a fortnight (Half term is slowing things down a little) It will be £7 for UK orders plus P&P for overseas.

I have been putting in some work on the castle that I mentioned in my last post. I am currently transferring the part that has been charted from 16 year old penciled charts to computer. It has taken me 8 hours so far just to do the left hand end of the garden wall and the pillar - this is going to be a long process!

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