Tuesday, 25 September 2007

New design and Update

Introducing my latest finish - Samantha. Samantha explores variations of shade and texture using threads from a single colour range and varies the pattern of stitches to highlight the changing colour. This design is 6"x6", uses 7 colours and will be available from my website in about a week for £5 (UK orders only - overseas orders include appropriate P&P costs)

Natalie should be available on my website later today if my computer behaves, I have been having a few technical problems. It will also be onsale for £5.

I am adding a progress piece here in the hope that it gives me the impetus to finish it. This is going to be a very long term project. I started it back in 1991 but RSI forced me to abandon it. I think the time is right to try and finish it.

This is a castle where I stayed with friends and the first large piece I started designing. I have now a massive job ahead to take all my faded pencil drawn bits of chart and transfer them to computer before I even get to carry on with it so don't expect to see it onsale very soon.

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