Monday, 28 January 2013

Coming soon - PDF Chart option

My website is now back up and running thank goodness. Hopefully that's the last time it'll be down. Over the next few days/weeks I shall be adding PDF sales options to the site. I have always resisted doing these as copyright fraud is such a big problem in this industry but postage has got so expensive now that I have to go with new ways of doing things. Each PDF will be clearly identifiable as to who it was sold to so hopefully that will reduce the problem.
The PDF copies will be 10% off the regular price (and of course minus the postage) The speciality stitch ones will be ready quite quickly as they are already formatted for PDFs so all I need to do is edit the website to show the option. The Cross Stitch ones are not done yet so if there is one that anyone is particularly interested in, please let me know and I'll put it to the top of the list. It'll take me a couple of days to edit the website to put the PDF options on for the speciality stitch charts so please bear with me (or ask me to prioritise a particular one)

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