Thursday, 22 April 2010

Quick update

Just popping in with a quick update as I haven't posted much here lately. There's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes but not a lot that I can show you. The classes didn't go ahead unfortunately due to lack of interest. I am still keen to run these and feel that if I can find a cheaper venue that there will be more interest. If anyone local is interested please let me know and I'll keep you updated.
I'm working on a couple of pieces that I hope will be picked up by magazines. It's such a shame for the speciality stitch section of the industry that we have lost Classic Stitches in the UK as there's nothing else quite like it in this country and I really would like to break into the UK market. I have a beautiful (and quite different) piece that I am offering at the moment but responses are slow. Creative Embroidery and Cross Stitch from Australia is fabulous and I hope to continue working with them, I have a piece on the go that I hope they will like.
There are a few other projects on the go but at the moment they have to remain under wraps. Hopefully I will have something new to show you soon.

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Shelley said...

It's great to hear that you are still stitching for mags. Keep up the awesome design work.