Saturday, 1 August 2009

July's Partwork

Another month has sped by at a rate of knots and I have now released August's section to those taking part in the partwork.
Here is July's picture for those who are interested. I really hope that everyone is enjoying taking part.


5 Foot Runt said...

You have some of the most beautiful designs. I don't know which i like the best but I am in love with Floras Garden. I am just learning these type of stitches. Great work Vicki.

Vicki @ India Grace Designs said...

Thank you so much - that's really kind of you. Flora's Garden is published at the end of the month and I am really excited. Good luck with learning the stitches, they are such fun.

Shelley said...

Once again you have outdone yourself. This calendar partwork is very pretty.