Monday, 13 August 2007

Update and new design preview

This is Constance, the first of my collaborations with Kay at Kay's Kullors . It uses 3 different varigated threads on hand dyed fabric and will be available in a variety of colour schemes.

It's taking me a while to get the instructions for the new designs ready at the moment as I get a lot less done during the summer holidays and I'm a perfectionist, don't like to rush things just to get them out. They will definitely be available by mid september but hopefully before that.

Whilst away on my holidays this year I was chatting to a lovely lady who introduced me to a new technique (well, new to me) which has similarities to Hardanger. I shall be researching this over the next few months and hope to create some designs inspired by it soon.


Anonymous said...

Lovely new design. I slow down in the school hols too - back to work now though !!!
Tam, Switzerland

Vicki @ India Grace Designs said...

Thanks Tam,
We've got another week to go here, I am really looking forward to getting back to work!