Thursday, 5 September 2013

My first Art piece

Here it is, my first piece of artwork designed purely for sale. It is an embroidered detail on a linen background and will sell at £325 plus p+p. More details are on my website.
It doesn't have a name at the moment, I can't decide if I want to give it one and what it would be if I did. 
I am very pleased with it, it is a pretty piece so I really do hope that it can find a home.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What's in a name?

As the schools go back and I can start working longer hours on things I am starting to think about the release of my first 'Fine Art' piece. I am pondering the name of the piece. How important is a name? Is something likely to sell better if it has a name or will it be fine just being itself? Could a bad name actually reduce the perceived value of the piece? I give all my Hardanger patterns girl's names. This started after I created my first big piece 'Emmanuelle'. I spent ages trying to think of a good name for it but everything just sounded trite so I gave it the name of the person who I had created it for. I like giving them girl's names now as it gives them a sort of personality for me. It can take long enough working out which name to give them as it is.

I may carry on with the tradition and give the Art pieces girl's names too. It's going to take some thought.